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Tax Information
The charities affiliated with this auto donation program are 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organizations. If you itemize deductions on your tax return, you may claim a deduction for your vehicle donation. Generally, donors who itemize their tax deductions can deduct the fair market value of any donated vehicle. For complete information, see IRS Publication 4303, A DONOR'S GUIDE TO VEHICLE DONATIONS at the IRS website.

Reporting Requirements

Our Responsibility: We will provide a tax receipt for each car, truck, boat or RV donated. For a car, truck, boat or RV donation auctioned for $500 or more, we will also file an IRS form 1098-C if the donor has provided us with a social security number. For a vehicle auctioned for more than $5,000, we will also sign the donor�s Form 8283, Section B, part IV.

Donor�s Responsibility: If your car, truck, boat or RV donation was auctioned for $500 or more, you will have to complete Form 8283 and include Form 1098-C with your IRS filing that itemizes deductions. You must complete Form 8283 Part A for vehicles that sold for $500 or more but less than $5,000. You must complete Form 8283 Part B for vehicles that sold for more than $5,000. If a vehicle is given to a needy person and the value of that vehicle is more than $5,000, then we will provide a certified appraisal for the IRS and sign your 8283 Part B IRS form.  

Questions to Ask Before Donating

Is the organization qualified?
Our charities are IRS-qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations. Taxpayers can make certain that they have donated their vehicles to an eligible organization by calling the IRS Tax Exempt /Government Entities Customer Service line at 1-877-829-5500.

Is the charity worthy?
Legitimate charities are worthy of your donation but you can look deeper into their financial practices. Taxpayers can view any charitable (except churches) organization's state financial filings. Information such as the percentage of revenue the charity spent on charitable programs versus the percentage spent on administrative costs is useful in determining the worthiness of a charity.

Who am I dealing with?
Ask those soliciting your vehicle donation about their employer. Do they work for a charity or a for-profit company that manages vehicle donations on the charity's behalf. If it is a for-profit company, what percentage of the gross revenue is given to the charity?

We always do our best to maximize the value of your car, truck, boat or RV donation. We specialize in selling good, running cars in retail, instead of wholesale settings, to maximize your deduction and your charitable donation.

IRS links
The IRS website links for fast access to IRS regulations concerning vehicle and real property donations. Adobe Acrobat Reader required - download Acrobat here

For information about determining the Fair Market Value of a vehicle you can read Publication 526 Charitable Contributions here. Another IRS publication "Publication 561. Determining the Value of Donated Property" can be read here

Form 8283, IRS tax form for filing taxes can be found here. For instructions on this form go here.